Color ’em nude!

As a fashion enthusiast, the Oscar season is one of the most exciting times of the year for me. Right from the time when new collections hit the runway in September and then early February, my friends and I start predicting which gowns will make it down the runway. And my list almost always has the most vibrant and colorful picks.

Therefore, you can sense my disappointment with this year’s red carpet rundown. Agreed, there were some stunning gowns on the red carpet. Naomi Watts in that stunning Armani Privé and Charlize Theron’s all-white fabulousness were not lost on me. But, I really wished the stars had been more adventurous in their choice or color.

I, for one, have never owned (and hopefully, will never own) an all-white or all-neutral outfit. So, I decided to explore other ways of incorporating the trend in my wardrobe and I realized that bags it will be. Seeing that I am on the lookout for a new cross body bag, here’s are some interesting ones I came across recently.


1. Rebecca Minkoff Cross Body Clutch – $195
2. Alsace Cross Body Bag – $195
3. Lauren Ralph Lauren Cross Body – $198
4. Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag – $495
5. Salvatore Ferragamo Mini Bag – $595
6. Snake Trim Boxy bag – $45

I love the high end ones, but it’s great to have the option of a stylish bag under $50, like no. 6.

Which one’s your favorite?