Food Blog Essentials: Part 2

After having spent hours on numerous food blogs, I have come to realize that I am more likely to follow ones that have perfectly-composed and beautiful photos of the final product. So, I am here to share with you some tips to create great pictures like a pro food blogger on a low budget. After all, your money is better spent on exotic ingredients. 


  1. The first is as easy as a spare plank of dark wood (as seen here). It provides great texture to the photo and adds a rustic look. 
  2. Serve food in simple white plates or bowls and place them in brightly-colored trays. Image
  3. Place a jar of sauce, a piece of fruit or garnish by the side of the dish
  4. Place the dish on a colorful placemat or piece of cloth
  5. Bring in a little bit of nature by putting a flower in a small vase in the background. 
  6. Use these clear dishes as serve ware. These are especially useful for colorful salads and vibrant soups as the neutral colors make the food stand out. 


Do try these tips and give your blog an instant upswing! 

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