Valentine’s Day Cake

I have been married for just about a month now. And my husband, J, and I both agree that Valentine’s Day is a little bit too cheesy for us. However, since it was our first V-Day together and was just a day before our one-month anniversary, I wanted to do something special. J isn’t too fond of chocolate, so the conventional chocolate cakes and desserts were out. This Tropical Coconut Cake recipe fit the bill perfectly.

Tropical Coconut Cake

I used Betty Crocker’s Vanilla Cake mix and turned it into a two-layer cake. I also roasted the coconut flakes to add a little bit of crunch and texture. I couldn’t find Coconut Cream at our local grocery stores, so made it from a can of coconut milk (here’s how). One can yielded just about two tablespoons of cream so my cake didn’t have a strong coconutty flavor.

The cake really does taste best when served cold. You can leave out step 4 if you don’t want it to be too sweet.

In all, it made the perfect romantic surprise for someone who doesn’t believe in traditional symbols of romance.


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